Main activities

The Iceland Construction Authority is responsible for the administration and preparations of law, regulations and guidelines regarding construction. The Autority also oversees matters about access for the disabled, certification of designers and craftsmanship masters, publication of working permits for foremens at building sites and inspections regarding buildings. The Authority shall also oversee control with building materials and participate in making of Icelandic and European standards regarding building matters.

The Electrical Safety Department oversees electrical safety issues in Iceland, market surveillance of electrical equipment and inspection of electrical installations, low voltage and high voltage, covering all aspects including generation, transmission, distribution and installations of buildings, as well as the internal safety control systems of electrical utilities and electrical contractors. Furthermore, the department issues authorization to electrical contractors, handles recording and investigation of accidents and damage from electrical causes, and publishes information and training material on electrical safety issues.

The Authority oversees activities of Fire brigades to ensure that they are working up the required standards and controls that they are organized , equipped, manned, educated and trained so that they can fulfill their role with they are obligated by the laws. The Autority also approves the fire safety plan for the local community belonging the Fire brigade.